Recent Hobbies of iWorks Employees

By: Becky Chawner

While many of the iWorks Media Room articles highlight our employees’ work expertise in topics ranging from project management to technical writing, today we’re featuring a different side: our employees’ hobbies. Since March 2020, iWorks employees have explored new skills and activities that enrich their lives. Keep reading to learn more about what we do outside of work!

We asked our employees to share their new hobbies with the rest of the company. Many of them picked up active pastimes; the most popular one is walking, including hiking and running. With gyms and other exercise centers closed, we took to our neighborhoods, local trails, and national parks to exercise and get out of the house. iWorks employees also started weightlifting, Taekwondo, and biking.

Other employees turned to creative pursuits, including fabric crafts such as embroidery and quilting. Like many others, we also took up vegetable gardening and sourdough baking, growing our own food or making it from scratch. In addition, several employees tackled home improvement projects – one employee even undertook the enormous task of renovating their own kitchen!

With our extra time at home, we enjoyed the natural beauty around us and made our living spaces more functional and comfortable. The gallery of photos below showcases our employees’ talents outside of work, and it was fun to share common interests and get to know each other better. Why don’t you try asking your fellow coworkers about their recent hobbies? Tweet us @iworkscorp and let us know what people at your company are doing!