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Making the Most Out of Microsoft Office 365 with Yammer

By: Kierra Ce’mon

Did you know that Yammer means to talk foolishly or incessantly? While constant chatter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Microsoft Office 365’s application, Yammer, encourages team discussion virtually. And in today’s remote environment, a little extra team bonding is welcome.”

Yammer was created in September 2008 for Geni (an American commercial and social networking website) by David O. Sacks. After six months of use at Geni, it was rated by TechCrunch50 (an American online newspaper focusing on high tech startup companies) to launch its abilities as an independent service, at which it won top prize. Yammer was acquired by Microsoft in June 2012 for 1.2 billion. Since then, it has gained over 8 million users, a small portion of which iWorks Corporation can claim.

During a company “Tips Series” about Yammer, we learned of the many different uses of Yammer and how Yammer can be beneficial to our team when sharing various medias throughout the platform. Some key features include Communities within Yammer and the various posting formats. These include:

  • Discussion
  • Question
  • Praise
  • Poll

Before you post, Yammer requires you to choose a Community to post from a drop-down menu. Discussion is the most-used post with our team where we can collaborate and share our ideas with the community. When using Questions, we can gage the participants responses to certain situations. The admin or question poster can mark the best answer which shows up right under the question.

The Praise post is great to praise your co-worker for their hard efforts on projects or promotions. Lastly the Poll post allows you to cast quick and informal votes in Yammer. This is a great way to get your team members’ feedback on certain discussions. Reactions were added to Yammer in September 2020 – including Love, Laugh, Celebrate, Thank, and Sad. These features provide a wider range of ways to interact with and engage our viewers.

Some of Yammer’s features are not available on the web. These include pinning a conversation and closing a conversation, favoriting a Community, and adding a Community cover photo. Also, with the Yammer mobile app, users can annotate a short video. All other features of Yammer are available in the mobile app. While you can stay connected with Yammer on the web, downloading the mobile app allows you to never miss a moment.

Yammer also has “live events.” With live events, you can broadcast up to 16 hours and support 20,000 attendees. If you need to invite more than 20,000 attendees, it can be requested through the 365 live events assistance program.

Yammer is about connections; it can be as useful as you make it. With many different features, it is very easy to collaborate with your organization. More companies are turning to yammer as an internal media platform since it supports both internal and external networks. Yammer even provides data analytics on member engagement as far back as 12 months, so your content continues evolving to meet the needs and interest of your community. This makes Yammer a great tool to support your business needs.

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