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iWorks Employees Stay Healthy at Home Challenge

By: Reign Ce’mon

During the months of April and May iWorks held health challenges to help us stay healthy during social distancing. The April challenge allowed the participants to choose their own challenges. Some examples include drinking more water, no salt, no alcohol, squats, eating a plant-based diet, and getting to bed on time, to name a few. Most of our participants tackled the water challenge. Some employees drank water first thing in the morning, while others drank a certain amount of water per day. They all were happy with their results. Some of the other employees participated in exercise challenges like the ab challenge or plank challenge to improve their physical strength. Overall, this was a very fun challenge and we learned about ways to stay healthy and active while staying home. Employees had to have 60% or more of the challenge filled on the calendar for the month to be entered in the prize raffle. We ended with 5 winners who all received Amazon gift cards for their efforts.

The May Step Challenge was a company-wide competition to see who could get the most steps in a month. About 5% of employees participated in the April Challenge and about 30% participated in the May Step Challenge. The goal was to stay in the top 3 to win a prize, and we had a lot of people getting their steps in to stay competitive. Our first-place winner ended with 442,623 steps for the whole month of May – that is approximately 221 miles! Our winner reported that early morning and evening walks allowed them to remain in first place throughout most of the challenge. The top three finishers each received Amazon gift cards.

Quite a few of our employees will add these challenges to their life as daily routines. iWorks was excited for this challenge and we’re ready for the next one! Stay tuned for the next challenge!

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