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Innovation in Action

iWorks, a unique small business, drives innovation through Research and Development (R&D) investment and partnerships with industry and academia.

Our Innovation Cycle

Our Innovation Cycle reflects our steadfast dedication to innovation, efficiency, and excellence, all with the goal of providing the highest quality solutions to our valued clients and partners.

Innovation Cycle

Emerging Technologies and AI/ML

AI and Machine Learning: We apply subject matter expert (SME)-driven trainable engines to enhance data cleansing and data hygiene. We leverage the potent capabilities of Bayesian deep learning and continuous learning.

GenAI: We explore leading-edge generative AI features, including AI-enhanced search for seamless keyword and phrase identification, coupled with an AI chatbot that offers contextual answers and guidance directly from your extensive collection of artifacts and document repository.

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iGEAR Framework

Unlock the iWorks Guided Evolution with Aligned Responsibilities (iGEAR) framework for adaptable business applications, excelling in diverse domain integration. Benefit from flexible development, built-in security, CMMI & ISO Best Practices, and proactive performance with early issue detection.

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Dream Big, Work Smart

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