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Happy First Birthday to iWorks’ Media Room

By: Jenna Harrity

In June 2021, the iWorks Media Room celebrates one year since it first went live on June 11, 2020. From IT how-to articles to work culture interviews with employees, the blogs and news articles published on the Media Room page of iWorks’ website demonstrate our employees’ creativity and expertise. We published 28 articles, meeting our goal to publish two articles a month.

The iWorks Media Room was born from a need; we needed a public space to share company news, events, and culture. Today, the iWorks Media Room categorizes its articles into four categories: Blogs, Charity Events, Company News, and Corporate News.

iWorks has an internal team of volunteer employees who manage the website and Media Room. Members of this team, in addition to many iWorks employees across various teams and professional backgrounds, have written and contributed articles for the Media Room, which is what makes iWorks Media Room unique: we want to amplify employee voices because we all have expertise to share. And with this ongoing goal in mind, iWorks celebrates the Media Room’s first birthday.

We encourage you to check out some of our most visited articles from the last year, which include:

  1. iWorks Employees Connect During Virtual Spirit Week
    “Spirit Week breaks up the monotony of everyday office life, boosts company culture, and bonds coworkers with a week of fun.”
  2. iWorks Provides Mission Continuity Tech Support with AWS GovCloud
    “iWorks continues to use AWS GovCloud-hosted secure video teleconferencing and automated scheduling capabilities to help clients successfully continue their day-to-day mission and IT operations.”
  3. New Year, Continued Opportunity for Growth
    “When asked to describe iWorks in 2020, the iWorks executive team emphasized the words ‘resilience,’ ‘dedication,’ ‘commitment,’ and ‘adaptability.’”
  4. Hurdles to Agile Adoption in Government Organizations
    “While an iterative approach like Agile, that uses continual prioritization to deliver value to end users, is an ideal approach to many Information Technology (IT) solutions, there are various obstacles that keep many agencies from fully adopting Agile methodologies and practices.”

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