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Getting to Know iWorks: Working All Around the U.S.

By: Jenna Harrity

Even before COVID-19 thrusted the workforce into remote work, iWorks employed workers around the country. Since 2020, several of our D.C., Maryland, Virginia (DMV)-based staff have seized the opportunity to move to a new location for various reasons, whether it’s to be closer to family or to have a lower cost of living.

The map above (created using Maptive as of 5/12/2022), shows the locations of all iWorks employees. While many of the iWorks employees live in the DMV and other states on the East Coast, including Pennsylvania, Maine, and Florida, you may be surprised to know that we have several employees that live on the West Coast, and even some in between the coasts.

While some employees moved from the DMV to their current locations across the country, some employees have always lived outside the DMV. For example, iWorks has a multi-site project based in California, which accounts for the handful of employees there (although they work remotely). iWorks’ remote work policy benefits our clients by allowing employees to work across multiple time zones. This provides more daily support to our clients. According to one employee from California, the difference in time zone is an advantage on his team, rather than a challenge. It’s a win-win for clients and employees.

Another employee, Jen Seidel, who lives in Texas, has lived there for almost ten years. “I live in San Antonio because of my children,” she said. “This has been their home from a very early age. [Remote work] means they can stay in one location their whole childhood, and that is very special to have.”

An employee who lives in Florida, Brooke Fleming, received approval for remote work in February 2020 for family reasons. “It was an insane coincidence that the COVID-19 lockdown happened shortly after.”

She likes that living in Florida allows her to be closer to her parents and have more activities for her kids. “I would not want to give up our ability to go to Disney World on a regular basis. We used to vacation down here, and it was where we were all happiest,” she said. “After my mother-in-law passed away in May 2021 due to Covid complications, we decided to stay here long-term and live the best life we can.”

While most of our company has not relocated, remote work has provided several the flexibility to move elsewhere and offers the option for moving to a new location in the future. Based on interviews with those DMV’ers who traded city living for more space and lower costs, they do not plan to move back anytime soon.

Thanks to those who participated in this article. Tweet us: @iWorksCorp for tips on working remotely or any comments related to this article.

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