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Diversity at iWorks

By: Reign Ce’mon

“Diversity and inclusion are part of our core principles. We believe this makes us stronger as both a company and a community. From day one of our journey as iWorks, we aimed for building a collaborative work environment built through mutual respect, dedication, and commitment to each other and the success of iWorks and our clients. Our approach to build this environment started with a flat organization structure, open-door policies, mentorship, opportunities to explore different areas of interest through training, and several incentive programs that could help all our staff to learn and equip themselves to become future leaders,” said iWorks CEO, Jothi Radhakrishnan, in a statement to the company.

The different cultures and backgrounds of our employees bring more innovation to our company. In addition, our commitment to inclusivity for different genders, identity, race, sexual orientation, and age results in a more positive workplace. The accompanying image displays the current racial diversity at iWorks. We pulled the data from a self-reporting system in iHire. The majority of our employees took part in the report; a select few chose not to participate.

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