Defense Services Conference 2020: Presented by PSC

iWorks Attends PSC’s Defense Services Conference

The Professional Services Council Annual Defense Services Conference provided a forum for a panel of defense industry professionals to discuss modernization and sustainment practices in response to COVID-19.

Pen pointing to financial charts

Financial Investing in Times of Crisis – iWorks Corp

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, including our financial decisions. When it comes to crises and uncertainties in the financial market, it is easy to make fear-based decisions about financial investments without considering the long-term effects of those decisions.

Hurdles to Agile Adoption in Government Organizations

While an iterative approach like Agile, that uses continual prioritization to deliver value to end users, is an ideal approach to many Information Technology (IT) solutions, there are various obstacles that keep many agencies from fully adopting Agile methodologies and practices.